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CoWorkers LLC » Members » Who works at CoWorkers? Get a feel for a few of our members here.

Who works at CoWorkers? Get a feel for a few of our members here.

CoWorkers Wilmette was established as “another place to work.” A space from the distractions of a home office or coffee shop. A break from the long commute into the city. A place to work and grow and meet other area professionals. Since opening in 2003, it’s become so much more than a space – it’s a community, and our CoWorkers are what makes it so special. Get to know a few of them here:



Natural Creative Writer and Dynamic Team Player, Sylvia McGreal


Countless hours and dollars saved, Michael Clarke


Meet PR Pro, Mia Sachs


Freelance creative extraordinaire, Tom Blandford


Getting Creative at CoWorkers, Karen Rafeedie


Investing in the Future, Matt Noble


Making the Grade, Lauren Peddinghaus


Pinpointing Talent, Andy Kulick


Good for the Soul, Roland Rayment


Talented entrepreneur and charter CoWorkers member, Scott Holstein


Get to know Aileen Baxter, Career Coach at Deloitte


Get to know Rob Kunzler, Vice President of Global Marketing, CSG International


Get to know Mike Chookaszian, Real Estate Professional at Reta Street Properties and Co-founder of CoWorkers


Check out our video for a look at life at CoWorkers. If you’d like to learn more, contact George for a tour and see what we’re all about!